App for managing a company of intermediation service – Consiergo

Intelligent web application for efficient service administration of a company that offers a wide range of premium concierge services.

The system benefits from flexible modules for complete management of the entire activity. Thus, the partner management module is dedicated to customers and suppliers. A user administration module has been developed for company employees with the possibility to set access right of them in the application.

The system also provides a management module for the beneficiaries, this means an active management of some indirect clients of the company (clients of the clients). This innovative application works as a permanent support system for organizing and improving the activity of a full-service concierge company. A flexible administration application for creating and processing orders, uploading documents, setting information for appointments, designating the supplier, setting purchase or sales prices.

The system allows you to accurately enter the date and time for the execution of a specific customer service, such as a pickup from the airport. Such a web application generates important reports on the execution of orders and groups the information stored by different segments or categories. The platform provides customized services according to customer wishes and needs.

Technical Specifications:
  1. Partner/user/beneficiary management modules
  2. Setting the employee access right in the application
  3. Create requests for support and processing orders by changing the status
  4. Comments support
  5. Uploading personal notes/documents
  6. Set up scheduled date and time in order to perform certain tasks for customers
  7. Report module to highlight your order execution and company performance
  8. Customized report generation according to the client, agent, status, category, etc.
  9. Interactive Dashboard with the display of scheduled tasks for the current day and unresolved requests
  10. Viewing the list of the beneficiary, date of contact, date of last order, etc.

General Advantages:

  • Organizing and simplifying the day-to-day business of a service company
  • Effective centralization of information reduces human error
  • Automating reports and real-time data update
  • Careful monitoring of the business
  • Reducing time for manual tasks
  • Maximizing the efficiency of the services offered through accurate programming and permanent monitoring
  • Professional and personalized approach to orders
  • Managing daily employee activity
  • Permanent access to orders, processing, unresolved requests, etc.
  • Data security and confidentiality


Consiergo is the first full-service concierge company in Romania which offers customers exclusive services and personalized recommendations. The company has an impressive portfolio of clients and over 150 top suppliers in all areas. Through the partners in Paris, Monte Carlo or London, the company benefits from extensive international expertise. Consiergo offers a wide range of premium concierge services, has over 15 years of experience in the area of activity and is enjoying the appreciation of its clients, having in its portfolio important names from Romania and abroad .

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