Expedition House Platform

Expedition House Platform

Software Application:

This software platform is an ideal solution dedicated to the efficient management of all activities specific to this field of activity and which is perfectly for transport industry. Designed as a CRM program that aims to streamline the sales and billing process, in the same time web application also aims to evaluate employees and all participants in the company's work process.

General advantages:

- Gives an overview of the whole business;

- Independence from operating system;

- Functional on any device with Internet access;

- Intuitive interface that gives user a pleasant browsing experience;

- Strict monitoring of company's internal activity.

Technical specifications:

The software application for managing internal and international transport orders, as well as the necessary documentation, has a series of modules that define its activity:

1. Users: create accounts, define access rights (for employees and administrators), login system with username and password;

2. Customers: input and editing customer data (address, company data), billing details, orders history, payment terms, quick search by multiple criteria, selection list, black-list. Customers can log in with user and password and view the situation and transport status in real time;

3. Providers: introduction and editing data about providers (address, company data, other details), transaction history (activity), payment terms, quick search by multiple criteria, selection list, black-list;

4. Staff (employees): input and editing employee data, employee teams, quick search by name, selection from the list;

5. Administration of application: defining one or more administrators, assign editing rights to all data entered into the system, assigning rights for users, access reports, create users, create groups, entering/validating clients or suppliers in black-list;

6. Order Management Module (transport) - entering and editing order details: costs, sales price, order-level profitability, status, comments, users order assignment;

7. Forms: selection and printing forms, in Romanian and English;

8. Real-time reporting system:

- Employee profitability ratio (individual);

- Profitability report on team (group) level of employees; 

- Company-level profitability report;

- Profitability report on operating level;

- Profitability report at client(s) level;

- Profitability report by provider (s) level. 

Modules are available online, giving application greater accessibility for both the manager responsible for company's activity and for beneficiaries who use the expedition service.


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