"Tracking orders in our company are prompt and safe. With this software, the internal results are better at every level." T. Simona, Manager Simar Trans

  • Forget about paperwork and excel spreasheets. XCargo gives control and promptness in Order processing, Invoicing, Reports, Payments.
  • You gain more than 70% intime savings and efficiency and the internal costs will be reduced with over 40%.
  • The analysis of the work is being made in real time at all levels.
  • XCargo works without installation and there is no need to buy any servers.
  • The application is available anywhere, not only at your office, while your data is highly protected.

The main modules of the application:

1. Users: create accounts, define access rights (for employees and coordinators) system login with a username and password, define teams, add description, add pictures.

2. Customers: introduction and edit customer data (address, company data), billing details, historical orders, payment terms, quick search by several criteria, selection list, black-list.

3. Transportation: introduction and publishing data carriers (address, company data, other details), historical transactions (activity), payment terms, quick search by several criteria, selection list, black-list.

4. Order Management Module (transport) - introduction and publishing details of orders costs, sale price, account profitability at operating level, status, comments, allocating commands by users.

5. Forms: select and print forms, in any language.

6. Reporting System in real time:

- Report profitability per worker (individual)

- Report profitability level team (group) employees

- Report of profitability at company level

- Report of profitability at operating level

- Report profitability by customer (s)

- Report profitability level provider (s)

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