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Android and iOS mobile app specially designed to facilitate the donation process to a charitable association that helps children and adults with serious malformations.

Through it, people can find out more about the campaigns and projects dedicated to people with health problems and have the opportunity to financially support all those who have difficulties in treating the diseases with which they are diagnosed. Within the system are listed the cases for which the donation process is valid, for each case being displayed the amount of money available so far and the total value needed for treatment.

Each case has a separate page witch includes the patient's story, his name, photos, information about the start and end period of the campaign for fundraising, donations list, the amount saved and daily updates regarding his health, procedures or treatments. Cases that are very close to collecting the required amount of money are highlighted by a signage label.

Donations can be made very easily, by saving the number of the card in your account and pressing a single button for donation. All the cases can be added to favorites, by selecting the icon or based on the donation action, so that the user can easily follow the patient's evolution. Also, through this app, you can set up recurring payments, and in this way, a certain amount of money can be donated every month, until the validity of the case expires. Money is automatically withdrawn from the card saved in the account.

The system offers total transparency about how the financial resources were used for, and all users are added in real-time to the list of donors where their name and donated amount of money are displayed. Also, they can see anytime documents related to a particular case, such as invoices or payment orders.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Possibility to create an account with username and password
  2. Login/registration through Facebook
  3. Custom design
  4. Card withholding system for future payments
  5. A page dedicated to each case that includes the name (name of child/adult), picture, description, amount of money received, daily updates regarding the patient's activity
  6. Label for highlighting cases that are very close to collecting the required amount of money
  7. System for sending notifications from the management dashboard
  8. Recurring payments
  9. Integration with various payment processors so that the donation can be made easily and quickly through several options: MobilPay card, SMS, PayPal


  • The possibility of bookmarking cases as favorites facilitate the way how a user can follow the activity of the person for whom he donated

  • Saving the card in the account and pressing a single donation button

  • Adding real-time users to the donor list

  • Push notifications system for all the cases where you donated or have it to favorites

  • Total transparency regarding how donations were used

  • Automatic withdrawal of money from the card saved in the account

  • The efficiency of charitable campaigns and projects

  • Direct interaction with potential donors

  • Attracting more users to donate online

  • Improving the accessibility of information regarding people which has serious health problems


The association “Salveaza o inima” was founded in 2012, in Botosani county, with the desire of a simple man to help all those people who are facing health problems. Over time, it has grown impressively, succeeding to inspire people and change the lives of hundreds of families. "Salveaza o inima" has become a community that brings together the best doctors from all over the world, clinics, medical institutions, professionals or simple people who want to do something good for those around them and, together, change the world.

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