Android & iOS mobile app for consultations schedule Dermatological Laboratory – Bioderma

Android & iOS mobile app for programming consultations Dermatological Laboratory – Bioderma

Mobile Application from Medical category specially designed for information / education, medical care. Promotes a healthy lifestyle through a campaign dedicated to parents with babies and atopic children.

„Happy Skin, Happy baby” is a project developed by Bioderma in partnership with the private health network Regina Maria. Through this application, users have the opportunity to get special prices for pediatric dermatological consultations. The application recommends Bioderma products, offers information about children who suffer of atopic dermatitis and effective treatment solutions.

The app is available on Android and iOS and allows quick identification of locations where consultations are offered. The system for registration and programming is simple and the innovative service offers the best experience.

„Happy Skin, Happy baby” facilitates access to information and healthcare. Effective and custom solution to promote premium products and premium medical services. The application presents easy-to-read information in an accessible format, available anytime and anywhere. Through the advertising campaign and the available data, this app improves brand visibility and increases the number of customers. It also supports the organization by communicating directly with the user and sending push notifications.

Tehnical Specifications:

  • Simple and fast registration in the promotional program directly from the application
  • Official regulation of the advertising campaign available in the application
  • Possibility to choose the desired date for scheduling the consultation
  • Choosing location according to predefined clinic list
  • Code generated automatically for programming and obtaining promotional price
  • A direct call from the mobile application
  • Access to information with a high degree of accuracy and premium medical servicesm
  • Special section to provide feedback regarding the consultation

General Advantages:

  • Dynamic and interactive interface, easy to use
  • Promoting services to attract as many patients as possible
  • Specialized services for increasing patient loyalty
  • Back-end provides statistics related to the results of the ad campaign

About Bioderma:

Bioderma represents the philosophy of respecting skin biology and restoring its natural mechanisms. An international brand whose products are available in more than 90 countries. Naos Skin Care Romania promotes skin beauty in our country through Bioderma.

The organization has the mission to understand healthy skin and to know how to balance the problems that arise in its normal functioning. Bioderma opens the way to dermatological innovations and involves reactivation of skin's natural resources in recovering its beauty.

Naos Skin Care Romania in partnership with active players from the medical system connects patients with health professionals. It also supports the need for information and social assistance. By promoting professional values and specialized services, the organization proposes a new approach in dermatology and cosmetic.


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