Mobile iOS App for Restaurant Administration – Taverna Sarbului

IOS app through which you can effectively manage your entire restaurant activity. Users can easily manage their business with multiple modules.

Ideal restaurant management application for managing employees, daily tasks, vacation or unresolved tasks. The system has two components, web and mobile, communicating with each other via an API. Users can sign in through a system of accounts with email and password authentication. In the tasks module, can be set repetitive tasks for employees, manager-level assignments, daily tasks in the restaurant. At the same time, through this mobile app can be viewed and monitored all the tasks entered into the system. The program has a comment module for each task in the application and a system for uploading pictures. 
The "Taverna Sarbului Management" application warns users about unresolved or delayed tasks. Also, they are notified about comments inserted into tasks. The application also acts as a chat system, thus facilitating the interaction between managers, and all the tasks can be assigned and resolved in a timely manner. The program integrates a presence module through which can easily keep track of employees' records. This way, you can have a daily situation with people who are on vacation or who are at work.

Technical Specifications:

  1. API interconnects web component with the mobile one
  2. Manage vacation types
  3. Authentication through a system of accounts
  4. Set repetitive tasks, viewing and monitoring them
  5. Allocation of daily tasks in the restaurant
  6. Comments system for each task and uploading pictures
  7. Managing users
  8. Alerts for unresolved or delayed tasks, notification comments inserted
  9. A vacation report that can be viewed from your mobile app
  10. Chat system between managers

General Advantages:

  • Planification and updated evidence of daily tasks
  • Optimization of operational activity for all staff
  • Efficient business management helps increase profitability
  • Managing your business completely from a single place
  • Viewing changes in real time
  • Ideal mobile application for simplifying and improving workflow
  • Reducing time for manual tasks
  • A quick introduction of data into the application, visualization and permanent monitoring
  • Easy, flexible, and fully customizable iOS application
  • Evidence of absence/presence of employees


Taverna Sarbului is a very popular restaurant chain in Romania. Having a long presence on the market, it offers its customers the joy of relish the most delicious dishes from the Serbian cuisine. The unitary concept and exquisite taste can be discovered by customers in all the Taverna Sarbului locations in the country. The traditional Serbian menu respects the original recipes, and the freshness of the dishes brought the restaurant a good reputation .

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