Private parking management software CRM - Skyparking

Private parking management software CRM - Skyparking

Software Application Presentation:

The AirParking private park management software, developed and implemented by Xfactorapp, is a software solution dedicated to the efficient management of all activities specific to this service area. Designed as a CRM program that aims to streamline sales and bidding, the web application also aims to increase efficiency of employees' work relative to work process in the whole company.

General advantages:

- Low maintenance costs compared to a desktop application;

- Independence from the operating system;

- Increased accessibility, being functional on any device with Internet access;

- User-friendly interface;

- Integration and optimal compatibility with mobile devices;

Technical specifications:

The CRM software is designed to manage private parking. It presents a number of facilities applicable to a varied area of the service market:

- Reservation booking system, no matter what the source is;

- Flexibility in payment method;

- Efficient administration of all requests by centralizing them in a special link received through e-mail address;

- Employees can receive different levels of access or administrative in taking orders;

- Generating reports and statistics in real time;

- Automating billing system for subscribers;

- Complex system of commission management for partner companies;

- Real-time access to order history;

- Taking orders through api;

- Import data from other client softwares.


Skyparking offers long term parking facilities close to Henri Coanda International Airport. The huge number of orders and complex requests has led the company to seek Xfactorapp's web services, which developed a custom application just for needs of this industry. The customers are mostly passengers flying all around the country or abroad and they need a personal transport near the airport. Reservations can be made both by phone and through website associated with the company, all of which are managed by the CRM program specifically designed for these needs.


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