Presentation Website of Services and Protection of Work Company - Outstand Safety Solutions

Presentation Website of Services and Protection of Work Company

A complete website created for a company specializing in Health and Safety at Work.

The platform has been developed according to the beneficiary's preference, after carefully studying the competition and the target customers. It was created a custom design to highlight the company's particular features and services, as well as to create a unique fingerprint in the online environment.

The website integrates pages with useful information about legislation, news and important details on Labor Protection. In the Home Page, you can find a presentation video whose role is to streamline communication between the company and customers. Also, the structure of the Services page is similar to a landing page and thus helps improve promotional campaigns. The platform has effects and animation that adds dynamism in the interaction between user and website. In addition, for good search engine rankings, the website also includes SEO optimization. Managing elements and content is simply done through an intuitive dashboard.

The web platform is available in both Romanian and English and offers users the ability to easily request information through a contact form. In the top and bottom of the website are quick buttons for requesting offers, and the contact page also integrates a map for easy identification of the company address.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Custom design created according to targeted intentions
  2. Structure of the Services page similar to the landing page
  3. Integrating effects, animations, and presentation videos
  4. Intuitive dashboard for managing content
  5. SEO optimization on site
  6. Contact form
  7. Design optimization for mobile devices
  8. Multilingualism
  9. Customer support via an online chat system
  10. A dedicated and optimized page for each service offered by the company

General Advantages:

  • Direct interaction with potential clients
  • Fast and efficient promotion of services
  • Dynamic, user-friendly interface
  • A permanent monitoring of legislation on labor protection
  • Communicate essential information about OHS
  • An intelligent system which ensures the company's visibility on the market
  • Increase business performance
  • Instant promotion of new categories of services


Outstand Safety Solutions is a full-service company active in the field of Health and Safety at Work. It provides its customers with the concept of One Stop Shop by ensuring the outsourcing of all adjacent services. The company has extensive experience in the labor protection sector and provides national coverage. Services provided by Outstand Safety Solutions include among others OHS, fire and emergency, occupational health, human resources, risk assessment, ISCIR-RSVT, accounting, waste management or first aid courses.

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