Web & Mobile App Project Management and Time Management - Essa Group

Web & Mobile App Project Management and Time Management - Essa Group

Specially developed CRM & TMS system to manage the projects, activity and the work schedule for over 1,000 people involved in merchandising and marketing.

The Web & Mobile app has a database integrated with all the stores in Romania and their exact coordinates. Based on action plans agreed with powerful brands from the FMCG domain, tasks are scheduled for each employee or collaborator involved in the process. Thus, the mobile app shows the daily and weekly plan of each employee.

This system also functions as an electronic timekeeping application through which the zonal manager notes the entries and exits of merchants and promoters in the store, as well as their vacation. Data is centralized in real time, activity reports are generated and documents required by ITM and other institutions who manages employment contracts, history and hiring process in a company.

TMS app dedicated to planning and optimizing daily and future employee tasks. This is an ideal solution for monitoring and managing working time and work rules. A complete system with a dynamic and sustainable effect on an organization. Web & Mobile app collects all company data, provides control over general activity, and actively manages workflow.

Technical specifications:​

  • Organize and schedule work tasks, current or in advance, for over 1000 employees and collaborators
  • Task administration for customer, area, counties, shop network, actual store with exact time allocation
  • Planning and creating projects, managing resources, optimizing costs and analyzing results
  • Electronic timekeeping through mobile application and workload reduction for the HR department
  • Cost Prevention with overtime hours and compliance with the established budget
  • Employees and collaborators have the opportunity to track their own time and work schedule
  • Soft ITM for generate reports and necessary documents on employment contracts
  • Reports on activity with advanced filtering systems
  • Hierarchy system and organigram
  • Fast and easy data storage in CRM
  • A database of all the stores in the country and their geolocation

General Advantages:​

  • Planning, organizing, managing and measuring marketing activities within the company
  • Correct and fast programming help maximize workforce efficiencya
  • Real-time monitoring of staff absences
  • Reducing time for manual tasks
  • Automating reports and real-time data update
  • Automatic calculation, verified and validated vacation time
  • Generate reports and analyze the impact on scheduled work
  • Increase efficiency and reduce administrative costs
  • Monitoring employee performance
  • Preventing salary errors and additional costs
  • Customized Web & Mobile app tailored to the specific needs of the company

About Essa Group:

Essa Group is one of the largest service providers in Romania, active on the local market since 2004. The company provides merchandising services, BTL & events programs, job placement.

Essa Group represents over 3,000 employees and collaborators, managed by a performance team. The company operates nationwide, through permanent and own structures. Sales, marketing and trade professionals, with a valuable experience of over 18,000 projects implemented and monitored.

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