WEB Application Rental Equipment Management - Mavi M.V. Rent

WEB Application Rental Equipment Management - Mavi M.V. Rent

Web Application Presentation:

The "Utilaje-Mavi" web application was developed specially to manage the most important activities in a rental machines company.

Having a growing number of equipment for rent, Mavi Utilaje has gradually moved its entire business on the new online platform implemented according to company's specifications and needs.

One of the basic functionality provided by this application is represented by records of issued documents (contracts, invoices, receipts, etc.), stock records, and last but not least, a brief presentation through a table with machines availability.

Technical specifications (modules):

  1. Customer records with all contractual data and related contacts;
  2. Intuitive dashboard which includes the most important information required from application;
  3. Tracking inventory along with stock and displaying availability based on the contract date at which it was leased and when it can be rented again;
  4. Alert system with service repair history of the machines. The date when the RCA, Casco, etc. insurance was issued.
  5. Management module for contracts, invoices and receipts;
  6. Documents issuing module (contracts, invoices);
  7. Management module for orders with the following data: customer, value, rental period, duration in days, transportation cost;
  8. Management module for report orders with filtering systems according to several criteria: period, location, equipment, company, etc;
  9. Management module for users with application access based on predefined roles and permissions.

General Advantages:

  • Document evidence - centralizing contracts and invoices in a single online platform;
  • Accessibility - the application only needs Internet to run;
  • Intuitive - all modules are easy to use by any administrator;
  • Monitoring - the application can be accessed from any device, so the state of machines and contracts are permanently monitored;
  • Custom - the software is personalized and allows further development with any desired functionality by the client.


"Mavi Utilaje" represents one of the most important companies on the market of equipment rental services, hydraulic platforms with telescopic arms and self-supporting platforms. Besides rentals that represent the main activity of the company, "Mavi Utilaje" also offers cleaning services:

  • Industrial cleaning services
  • Street cleaning services

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