Web & Mobile App for Monitoring Employees and Time Management for a Construction Company – Hard Instal

Web & Mobile App for Monitoring Employees and Time Management for a Construction Company – Hard Instal

Web & Mobile application for time management created for monitoring the time spent by employees and engineers on building sites. It works as a team leader app because it provides support for multiple teams, with team administrators. Each employee is constantly monitored and administrators can add notifications into the application when an employee reaches or leaves the job or when he is having a break. These periods of time are stored in the web application. 
The app centralized all the personal data, generates timekeeping reports and manages vacation. At the same time, it is possible to introduce national holidays into the system so that they are not counted as working days. The application automatically calculates the number of vacation days, generates reports for hours worked, with or without vacation, on a team, employee, with annual, monthly, quarterly, daily evolution.
This is an ideal timekeeping app for construction companies that work with a large number of employees. The team/site system allows designating a person responsible for the timekeeping of employees and the tasks of the team which participate in the project. In this way, workers' activity is carefully verified and monitored, especially when the program hours are exceeded.

Technical Specifications:

  1. API for integrating the web application with the mobile one
  2. Mobile - fast system to mark the employee's activity, when is at work, is taking a break or when is not working
  3. Mobile - possibility to consult the list of employees who should arrive on the site, emphasizing the arrival hour, the departure time, if they are/are not at work 
  4. Mobile timekeeping app, for registering the daily presence of workers and overtime
  5. Interactive dashboard structured with information about the company's situation: unmarked workers, overtime situation, vacation days number
  6. Automatic calculation of vacation days for each employee
  7. Overtime compensation system with missing days, e.g. one Saturday can replace a Monday
  8. Introducing national holidays into the system
  9. Managing and introducing employee's vacation: up to date, effective vacation, unpaid vacation, medical vacation 
  10. App for site teams, timekeeping responsible, team distribution according to the project 
  11. Electronic timekeeping

General Advantages:

  • Centralizing employee’s data for the construction company 
  • Extracting reports and emphasizing timekeeping issues
  • Managing employees, introducing workload or salary for different periods of time 
  • Generate reports per employee/team (worked hours, vacations, annual, quarterly, monthly or daily evolution)
  • Distribution of employees to different teams by administrators i
  • Correct programming and permanent monitoring helps maximize workforce efficiency
  • Real-time monitoring of staff absences
  • Reducing time for manual tasks
  • Monitoring employees performance
  • Automating reports and real-time data update
  • Preventing salary errors and additional costs


Hard Instal Consulting is a company of professionals who design installations for industrial and commercial spaces. Besides this, the company provides installation and consultancy services for industrial and civil ventilation systems, electrical, thermal, sanitary and automation systems. Hard Instal Consulting specialists benefit from a rich experience in designing, consulting and assembling. The company is known for its quality, application of internal execution procedures, specialized personnel and attention to details.

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