Web & Mobile Application for Managing the Activity of Persons Transport Companies - DST Group

Web & Mobile Application for Managing the Activity of Persons Transport Companies - DST Group

Easily manage a business with the web and mobile road transport management application. Ideal solution for transportation companies who need to manage daily routes, to centralize financial documents, a wide range of reports and various notifications.
The web application allows managing daily routes. The information about the kilometres invoiced on the route can be entered into the system, the races that can no longer be performed due to a malfunction are notified, coordinates are set for destinations and points in the route. The application sends alerts in the administration panel if the vignette is required on the configured route or when the RCA or CASCO expires. At the same time, the system allows set up a map with two-way routes, for going and returned, and offers the possibility to add stations on the route. 
The mobile application is synchronized with the main server and connected to the cash register. It allows loading issued receipts, picking up prices, issuing tax receipts. The system considers the GPS position to restrict the receipt issuance options depending on the current location. The mobile application provides continuous geolocation of the GPS position to update in real time the current car station and its progress on the route.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Daily route management: car, driver, customer, place and time of departure, place and time of arrival 
  2. Automatic pick-up system for kilometres performed by the GPS monitoring system export
  3. Report generation with issued tax receipts
  4. Trains: in the races, assigning a selectable status and an observation field, racing report with no status (unverified))
  5. Alert system upon expiration of RCA, CASCO, vignette
  6. Mobile - dynamic pricing (configurable on the web) depending on the GPS coordinates and the station where the car is located
  7. Mobile - Bluetooth connection management mode, for setting up a connection with the cash register
  8. Bonus system
  9. Dashboard where can be seen the activity on the current day: races, defective cars, alerts
  10. Timekeeping and penalties system
  11. Routes notified as not assigned if a car is listed as defective (date and time) for distribution of a new vehicle

General Advantages:

  • Kilometres invoiced on the route can be entered into the system
  • Managing departments, grouping employees into departments
  • Monitoring the employees who have made more or fewer races, than their daily number
  • Generating reports with the differences of kilometres according to the import of the excel GPS file 
  • Printing work program for all employees, organized by groups and depending on their cars
  • Generating client report: Number of km performed in a period/number of races performed in a period of time: grouping by car type  
  • Automating and simplifying the daily business activity of transport companies
  • Generating a detailed report with the salaries to be paid
  • Data security


DAN SEPSI SRL is one of the most important companies in the field of road transport. A trustworthy partner with good logistics, whose activity includes the regular transport of people through regular and special races, international transport of passengers, service activities, excursions and occasional races. The company offers high-quality services and qualified personnel and is dedicated to the specific needs of the customers. 

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