Website & Web App - CEJ Bucharest

CRM web application and presentation website dedicated to the Chamber and Judicial Enforcement Officers in Bucharest.

The platform is fully customized and has been developed to facilitate document flow, their centralization and management according to current legislation, as well as managing dates from the professional file. The system provides useful information about the Judicial Enforcement Officers Panel, the Chamber's leadership, legislative news, exams, events, and auctions.

Through the website, users have the opportunity to quickly seek a judicial enforcement officer or send a request to the Chamber accessing the contact form. The web application is used directly from the platform, and through it can be managed of all CEJ entry and exit documents. Managing them is done according to the workflow corresponding to the typology of the documents - petitions, information, and other requests.

The web application is used to notify judicial enforcement officers, in their personal account and by email, regarding the registration of a new petition/convention addressed to them, non-payment of contributions, expiry of OMJ's association or professional training, or any other personalized notifications. The platform and web application have an intuitive, responsive dashboard, perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the customer. The system has a unique standing in the online environment and ensures easy navigation so that users can find quickly all the information they need.

Technical specifications:

  1. Quickly Accessing of the Judicial Enforcement Officers Panel
  2. Registration of documents and distribution to BEJ/BEJA/SCPEJ
  3. Managing documents according to the workflow
  4. Accessing Web Application directly from the Website
  5. Generating the CEJ Input/Output Register
  6. Generating CEJ Input/Output Registry - Disciplinary Board
  7. Viewing Agenda for the President of the Chamber and Members of the Council and browsing the petitions/requests/other topics to be discussed
  8. Sending custom notifications in EJ account and email
  9. Edit/view information about personal account: General data, authorizations, exams, suspensions, contributions and fines, annual reports, checks, etc.
  10. Sending a request to the EJ regarding the petition registered
  11. The Board Directors have the possibility to view the petition in the web application.

General Advantages:

  • An explained presentation of BEJ activities
  • A quick search of Judicial Enforcement Officer
  • Highlighting the structure of the Chamber's leadership
  • Useful information about exams, events, auctions, legislative news
  • Submitting requests to the CEJ through a contact form
  • Managing all the CEJ input and output documents
  • Monitoring and continuous updating of the legislative activity
  • Creating an account by email and password
  • Secure connection
  • Chat system included on the login page
  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Quick feedback button embedded in the website


The Chamber and Judicial Enforcement Officers from the Court of Appeal Bucharest is a professional organization with a legal personality. It carries out its activity according to the Law on the organization and exercise of the profession of a judicial enforcement officer. The institution successfully fulfills its attributions, its main objective is to strengthen respect for justice and implicitly towards those who have to respond before courts as part of a trial.

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